September 5, 2009

Casa Msika-Chicamba Dam

My husband has been asking me what I would like for my birthday which is next week. There really is nothing to buy that I want or need here so after spending a little time thinking about it I decided I would like our family to go away somewhere together for the day. We decided to visit a place called Casa Msika that is located about 45 minutes from our house towards the Zimbabwe border at Lake Chicamba. It is a simple place and the road to get there is a simple dirt track. It was so peaceful and great to sit and take in the beauty that God had created all around us. It is a weird place in the sense that two different worlds and cultures seem to collide in that very spot. The surroundings are the Mozambican bush and coming in the road you drive by mud huts etc. But once inside you are confronted with the Western world. It is a place that white Zimbabwean's like to use as a recreational hangout for fishing, camping etc. It felt odd sitting there and not hardly remembering you are in Mozambique anymore. There was a small swimming pool which the boys LOVED and a restuarant where we had lunch (chicken and chips aka french fries). All in all it was a wonderful day just watching the boys have a great time together, sitting and chatting with my hubby and staring out at God's beautiful creative design. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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