September 15, 2009

Helping Eva

This afternoon a lady came to our gate needing help. She was carrying her baby on her back and hauling a small plastic bag with a few clothes and a burlap sack with something else in it. She shared with us that she is from Catandica (about 2 hours away) and was trying to get to Beira (3 hours from here in the opposite direction on the coast to be with her 7 year old son that was transferred to the hospital there yesterday. It was obvious that she was very poor and troubled that her child was sick. She said she has other 2 other children that she left in Catandica because they couldn't come with her and that she needed to be with her son because she is very worried about him. Last she saw him he was having trouble breathing. We asked her if she has a church where she is from and she told us she had to be honest "she doesn't pray anywhere," which means no. Then she said "maybe God brought me to you, I don't know." We shared with her that God loves her and her son and asked if we could pray for her and her children. As we prayed we asked God to bless her, heal her child, give her peace, provide all of her needs and for her to sense how much He loves her and her children and that we know He brought her to us today and that it wasn't an accident. We shared with her that we were helping her because of God's love. She gladly received the prayers and was so thankful. We gave her some bread and water for her journey and the money necessary to make it to Beira on the local chapa (minivan taxi). Of course, once she walked away our hearts were moved and although we will probably never know how it all turns out we can trust that God has her and her children in the palm of His hands.

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